James Hagerty is a published author of several books, some with gay themes. His output includes “Nut Grass” (a straight novel along the lines of “Grapes of Wrath” and “Tobacco Road), “Voices from the Tomb” (existential horror stories), and “Cathedral Crimes.” The latter title and its sequel, “Tainted Glass,” explore the leather S&M scene of 1960’s San Diego.

He lives in Morongo Valley near Palm Springs, California. An artist as well, he makes rust-iron sculptures and acrylic on canvas paintings. Also a jazz pianist, he performs at public events, nightclubs, private parties and church services. The consecutive novels, “Cathedral Crimes” and “Tainted Glass,” form a fictional counterpart for the philosophic treatise, “The High Priesthood of Being Gay.”

He hopes his work, while controversial, will reconcile and bring together both a gay and straight audience.